I wish this thing between us will remain forever. Having random talks, laughs or even random tears while having each other.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


So I decided to quit from Form 6. I know, I know. Most of you would be like, "Why? Why now? 3 more months left only what? Why not just continue it?" My answer? Not so sure why. Just don't like being in Form 6 I guess. And the friends there, no words could describe them. Teachers were marvelous. No sarcasm intended. They were really good and tries their best to make sure I study and stuff. Very cool teachers. I have learnt a lot from them. But something was just wrong for me. I guess my mind was just not in Form 6. Physics is getting tougher for me, maybe my heart is just not in physics anymore.

Right now, I plan to take up Foundation in Business and a Degree in either Banking&Finance or Finance. Honestly, I am not sure if they choice I made was right or wrong. Have I regretted making this choice to stop pursuing my Form 6? Maybe. Will I regret making this decision in the future? Definitely, I have always shown a deep interest in Science ever since young. I would miss Science somewhere along the road and start cursing at myself to take away what I like....

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Keeping it alive =)

Hey there my blog readers which I doubt of their existence, so am updating the blog here just to keep it going and alive. Thus, the title. Random, I know So, I have just done one presentation the other day. Not feeling so good about it. I could have done better, but I guess my nervousness took a better of me. Prepared that small joke in my mind, but forgot to use it to impress the examiners. Let's just hope the marks given are pretty good. Like maybe getting 17 out of 20 would be good. Ok, I know, that is too much to ask for. But come on, humans are greedy alright. Alright, got to run now. Not literally of course, too fat and unmotivated to go for long runs. Dinner is served!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


So as some of you may know already. I actually have hyper-hydrosis. Its a symptom where your palms, feet and occasionally your armpit produces water. The amount of water produced varies according to individuals. Have already been living with it ever since I was born. And everyone have never stopped discriminating me ever since. Like what? I understand if you guys are like my friends that I just made and stuff. But even those that has already known me for a good 6 months and so? Even my own childhood friends are having a hard time to accept me cause of this. Its not fair. I mean, you can accept it when your lover is the one with it but not a friend who can be there always for you? Not like I ever discriminated any of you. Everyone has their own short-comings. Including you yourself! Keep that in mind yo! One day, I will just start discriminating you and alienating you just what you did to me. Just so that you could feel what I went through. Then, seriously? Why bother talking bout me at my back? Gosh, if you can't take a joke or two in your life, I seriously feel sad for you. So you are not happy with me just cause I rubbed my victory into your face? Come on, grow up could you? How old are you? You think you are still 8? Plus, if you don't like the way I do things and express myself, say it in my face yo! Getting bored of these people. Don't like the way I express myself then just say it to me, why bother talking about it behind my back. It only reflects back how mature you are actually.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Sunday was pretty fun =) Other than the fact that I almost got killed by Simon who charged in to the room, everything else went pretty well =) Went over to Vivien's aunt's for some house warming thing. She just shifted in. Had some pretty cool and nice steamboat and stuff. The fellowship there is fun. Probably something I don't get often in my family. You know how when you said something wrong and even though that person has already forgiven you, you still feel the need to continue saying sorry? Yeah, you need to stop that cause saying sorry does not cure anything. It also only keeps on reminding that person of what happened. You need to stop saying sorry and start proving it yo!! So yeah, school is tough, as usual. Getting lazier and lazier. Got full mark for Maths test 1 but flunked Test 2. Was so careless>< Gahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Life is hard, but it't worth holding on

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hair Cut?

Today was pretty much a normal day. Just that, I had to drive my brother out for a haircut. Just imagine him with the same hair style as me. Yeah, that's about it to describe how it looks like. XD This week is pretty alright for me. Studies are getting tougher and tougher by day, as expected. Homework given are of a crazy amount and they are potentially lethal. One bite, and you're gone. Anyhow, tomorrow would be Area Competition. All the best to the AC1 squad this year =) let's just hope they would do better than last year. So, question for you guys who reads this thing I call blog. Tomorrow, I am going over to my girlfriend's aunt't house for some house warming thingy thing. It's sort of my first time to meet her whole family and I am very nervous bout it. Should I leave early? Or stay as long as I could? Your comments and suggestions are very appreciated =D
I won't give up on our relationship, I hope you would not as well. I Love You Baby Girl.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Just another post

Alright, so 2012 has passed. New year, new beginning, new story, new this, new that. So I was reading back this blog and all I could do was just to laugh. Man, was I emo as hell or what? Almost all of my posts were all about me emoing and complaining like a little girl. And the way I typed, the way I put words into my sentences and the way I think. So different! Ok, maybe I still think like last time. But you get what I mean. Updates on my current life, got into Form 6 and am suffering in that hell. Or torture room, whichever you prefer calling it. Advice, do not take up Form 6. I repeat, DO NOT TAKE UP FORM 6. Tough as hell, and boring as hell. Nothing else could best describe it other than that sentence. Then, am involved in a relationship right now with Vivien Lee See Yuin. The sweetest girl ever =) I mean, who would stay up with you till 5 am in the morning talking stupid things? And on top of that, not having enough of sleep for like the past few weeks? By the way, she looks like this =) There, enjoy this short as hell update from me =) Will try my best to update more often. For now, adieu I bid to you