I wish this thing between us will remain forever. Having random talks, laughs or even random tears while having each other.

Friday, January 30, 2009

My perfectly boring cny

Ok kids, listen up. Dis is a boring story of my boring cny dis year. My Cny started wit de 25th. we makan and all la on dat day. den after makan i go my uncle's house to gamble. den wen i gambling hor.i fell damn lucky la. den las las. lost all my money. haiz. den i go play de firecrackers wit my nephews and nieces and cousin. den coz my nieces and nephews are damn young. so i hav to act like an adult.*proud*. den after dat i go back home la coz nid to attend de mass de nex day.

Den after de mass. i quite happy la. coz got quite alot of angpao. and coz i saw sandy. to tink back.i haven seen sandy for quite some time. where did she wen ah??? sumone pls tell me. den later i go kenny roger's to makan. den de end of dat day

hmm.i tink im lazy to type de other days la. basically i did nth all de other days.haha. sayonara

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

public speaking audition

errrr....i did entered one public speaking audition in my school la one day. den de teachers say we mus make up one speech based on de topic 'peace'. i was damn freaking nervous bout it coz i got sum real bad stage fright and i am sure dat some of my frens outdere noes dat i hav it. moreover wen i am at dere, all my other opponents are way elder den me.

wen my turn finally came, i am damn freaking nervous and i don tink i hav oni butterflies in my stomach, i tink i hav also bees and snakes and lots more.lol. den i go in front ledi, do like normal la, de speech. den halfway i cant continue ledi, too scared ledi and panic. so i told teacher to gimme a time-brea coz i reli damn nervous and i cant even breathe dat time(lol) den i jus go in back and den jus simply say stuff. hahaha.

de nex day. i hav a debate between ma frens la. de title was 'is public examination important' and i am de governor (woot). den at de end.... de whole class got jacked by my teacher coz she suddenly change it to examination. lol

Saturday, January 17, 2009

first time a girl did touch my hair

ok....as some of u might noe. I went to my godma's house on de 19th of december(i noe....very long ago ledi) den i go dere play play at dere. My godma and godsisters taught me how to play de mahjong la. Yayyyyy. den i also win a few times. lol no offence jiejie.

okay. back to da topic....de very day wen my parents are coming, My godsisters decided t play wit my hair wit de hair spray thingy. dats wen my hair lost its virginity to a gurl. tsk tsk. Lol. luckily its to my godsisters. thank god