I wish this thing between us will remain forever. Having random talks, laughs or even random tears while having each other.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Quick Breather

Finally some quiet and free time for myself. But, finals are in 2 weeks time. And my paper has to end just 2 days before Christmas. There goes my last paper. Hahaha. Assignments are getting to my head and I will have the toughest weekend to come. 2 days Frisbee Hat and followed by a crazy long assignment to audit. And also a skype call session for French practice. I am so not gonna sleep on Sunday night.

Other than all these academic stuff, been doing quite well myself. Frisbee has been great. I guess I still need more time and practices as I still have a lot of room for improvements. Need to understand them plays more and definitely need to increase my stamina. And also am considering seriously to invest in a pair of gloves to increase grip. Discs been slipping out like mad from my hands. Especially high discs. And am in need of a new water tumbler. Thought of getting those Coleman ones that everyone are using. Cause it can double up as a small stool. LOL! Not sure which to get first, cause my bottle is a goner already.

Talking about investments, I need/want a waterproof bag, preferably the one from Hyper Gear. 10 Litre is enough I think. Need a shoe bag, to keep them shoes obviously. Any kind philanthropist out there that would want to give me a Christmas present? I definitely have a long list of items if you are out there.

Am excited for the indoor tournament coming soon. It will be my first time playing together in a team though. I hope I won't disappoint them. Would definitely feel bad if I dragged the team down.

Langkawi next year, I hope for it to be bomb! Got my hands on those cheap tickets, already a sign that it will be a bomb. Come on team! We can do this alright?

Anyways, how are you, old friend? You seem like you are doing fine. But if you ever need any help, I still got your back alright. Just do not not hesitate to find me if you ever need my help. And one more thing, I want to be your friend. But please give me some time. When I am ready, I will definitely approach you back again. I need to get over some stuff going on in me. Please wait. You are too dear of a friend for me to lose you.

And also, its great bumping into you once in a while. Forgive me for being shy to say hi. I just needed to iron out some stuff. But I am all good now. Will definitely say hi the next we bump into each other alright.