I wish this thing between us will remain forever. Having random talks, laughs or even random tears while having each other.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Dis time, our exam is so exciting and hilarious. Be4 dat, lemme tell u de rules dat we hav to follow during de exams:

De exciting and hilarious part is dat we broke every single rule we hav during de exams. Lemme tell u all how we broke de rules. Haha.

1. We all talk after de paper finish. We even ask de teacher for de answers(she din giv la of course). See
2. We all copy each other. But mine's de best. I told de whole class de answer and de teacher din noe those r answers
3. OK. Basically we walked around de class during de exams la. But not all de exams la. HEHE
4. We reli did took our toilet breaks though. Dunno y. De teachers jus let us out for no reason-.-'
5. We cannot open our begs la. But my fren, open de bag to check de answer. Cool eh

Friday, May 8, 2009

De cool camp^^

OK. Las week i wen for a camp la. It is organized by de Mandarin Apostolate Youths from my church. It was kinda fun and enjoyable la. Den de first day. we did sum random stuff. In de nite, we had a game. It started at about 9 till 12. So we were kinda tired la. Haha.

Den de second day, we played sum games involving water. So we were all wet. After dat, we take our bath. Did i mention how we bath? We hav to bath in like 7 min or no everyone can see us naked. Coz dey r goin to kick de door. Haha. ooo. Btw, we oni hav a pail of water to shower wit. Sux rite?

Den de las day. Everyone don wanna go back home especially me. Coz i realised dat i hav school on de other day. So yeah. No more crapping. Here's de pic. Enjoy^^

OK, dis is a weird game for de camp fire. So no comment

Saw my skeletal like body?-.-'

Saw, i am such a sporting guy. Supporting my own enemy be4 we start

I'm a gud leader. I help my team to put de wax wei^^

Dis is ma teammates

Best pic ever. Dat guy in blue is trying to take de cloth peg

Saw my 'cool' pose?

My team wit a project to do.

Dumb & lame game

We r giving our presentation

My team

Dey r looking at me coz im handsome. LOL

Saw dat. Im strong. RAWR

Can anyone find my name?

Again, dumb and lame game

My team. Again

Err, forgot wats dis

Nice game wei

Doin our team's stuff

Err, we r praying if im not mistaken

We...ermmm..... cant remember=P

De nice game...

Saw dat, im sleeping during de session