I wish this thing between us will remain forever. Having random talks, laughs or even random tears while having each other.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter March

Wow, de Easter March today was freaking superb wei. We marched around de whole Kajang town and de peoples were looking at us all de time. Freaking cool wei being de center of attraction. Though it was a lil tiring but it was worth it wei. De experience was superb and we met lotsa people, though i din manage to make new frens but still, it is worth it rite. Dah lah i can cuci my mata luking at gurls. I can also be de center of attraction. Haha

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cross country

Yay, finally. Tomoro we hav our cross country. Dunno whether should i run or not???? Any opinions?

BOring post

1. What do you think about yourself?
I am de clever me
2. Why?
Coz i am clever
3. If you could make any character come to life, who would it be?
Tought for some time, and it will be SpongeBob
4. Have you regretted anything you did before?
Of course
5. Name two.
(i) I should not get str8 a's for my upsr or no i won get all dis pressure

(ii)I should hav studied las year for my last term exams, or i will get a brand new com rite now.
6. Have you liked someone the opposite sex before?
7. Name five.
1. Someone from my church
2. Someone from other school(used to....)
3. My senior....she r so gud and friendly(as a fren la)
4. Another senior....she is also gud and kind(as a fren la)
5. Whoever dat i tink i wanna like la
8. How are you feeling right now?
9. What will most probably happen tomorrow?
10. Who do you want to see most RIGHT NOW?
Sumone from my church
11. Do you believe in God?
12. Do you love him?
Yes...100% positive
13. Have you ever talked sick with your friends?
14. Are ppl the opposite sex involved in your conversations too?
Sumtimes la
15. What do you want to achieve now?
Str8 a's for my PMR
16. Name 5 friends.
1. Greg
2. Queenie
3. Fanny
4. Russell
5. Kong
17. Describe 3.
She is my best frens ex....
18. Who do you envy more?for his good
Err, Greg i guess
19. Use ONE word to describe 5.
20. If the world is coming to an end, what would you say to 2?
Yay, we r goin to die, les go see Jesus
Tag 5 people:


2.Brian Lai



5. whoever who wants to do it

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today is Easter la, So dat means yesterday i wen for de Easter Virgil Mass. Yesterday i am serving as an Altar Server. I am de Cross-bearer( de one who carry de cross). So yesterday morning we had a practice for de mass wit de priest. So he say all we do also must do it gracefully. Den mass time came. I was so nervous dat i keep on banging de door so loud dat my frens laugh at me. I was like OH NO!!! Den during de mass got a part where 2 acolyte servers will ring de bell la. So I see Reuben also feeling a lil bit tired so i volunteered to help him but he refused, so nvm. Den de mass end edi, I saw Christine so i wen to say hi. And u noe wat, she say she din see me up dere T-T. So damn sad. Mayb coz of my hair la, its totally different. Den came back home and sleep. Today Sandy tell me she saw me serving up dere. *Proud*. But her bro, Ben, din see me serving up dere. Haiz

Anyways, Happy Easter dude.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Dis is de day wen Christ our Lord is crucified la. So in de mass de altar servers will carry de cross and let de congregation kiss it. Ussually i will take de heaviest cross dere and be like one sakai at de end coz my hand will be freaking pain in de end. Yesterday i don hav to carry it. Den i see those budak kecil carry it also ah. I laugh like shit wei wit Greg. Dey r suffering dere more compared to me las year. Haha

Sweet memories. Haha should keep it in my heart foreva


U noe, my p.e teacher teach us bout luv la out of a sudden. He say la wen 2 people like each other and den dey respect de luv oni it is called luv. Haha.

Today, we got sum dumb aerobic thing. Everyone dancing except for me, sitting dere oni. Den suddenly one gurl wave at me, i am not sure who she is but i still wave back, For fun. haha

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Today i wen to church la. Den today instead of de homily, dey did a short sketch. It was about a gurl(Sandy) was given life and taught bout life by Jesus(Alfred, lol). Den, suddenly suddenly de gurl got bf edi(freddie) de bf like keeping de gurl from Jesus(disruption) den after dat got a guy as money(reuben) money jus tempts de gurl from Jesus again. Den alcohol came(Christine) den is beauty and after dat is Satan. Satan tries to tempt de gurl to commit suicide. Wen she is goin to kill herself edi. Jesus act till damn cun wei, keep on praying for her so she don suicide. Den later she decided to go back to Jesus but all de other temptations is trying to keep her away from Jesus, dey also push her down. Den suddenly Jesus jus go and block dem.

Wen dey push de gurl down, i feel damn pain wei. Mayb coz i like her la. As my fren. Haha. Anyways de message i wanna say is dat, bf's are temptations, but gf's are not. So Celest and Fanny, pls don find any bf. Haha

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Emo & random stuff

Haiz yesterday i wen tuition wit a determined heart dat i mus say sry to her. Den after de tuition ends i jus wait for her a while outside dere to say sry la. Den i approached her but she str8 run away after i say can i talk to u bout sumthing. Later in de evening i wen jusco wit sis. Den i keep on call her la to say sry, but she din take up de fon. After dat she scold me back for calling her( i called her few times). Den in de end i giv up, coz i noe she won listen to me anymore( Did i reli hurt her dat much? Sumone pls tell me and help if u noe wat to do)

Today i jus noe from xxx dat he told my kai jie don reply my sms's edi. Haiz damn sad lo. I mean she is de oni one whom i could complain to and seek help from as i reli trust her. Haiz nvm la, she don reply also nvm la. Later xxx also jealous. Wat to do?? I tink ill jus giv dem my blessings and pray for dem to be happily ever after la. Haiz. Wat to do? Gud fren and gud bro. -.-'

Now whom can i complain to and seek help from ei?