I wish this thing between us will remain forever. Having random talks, laughs or even random tears while having each other.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

140th post...LOL...

Ok..my exams in on the way, and what am I doing? For sure it isn't studying. Haiz...so gonna fail the exams this time. Lord, bless me and forgive me, a sinner. Wanna work la year end. You all got any suggestions?

You all remember the novel I got as a present? Don't bother asking...I haven't finish reading even half the novel....very very complicating...gosh>< I wonder what happened to the old me...

Nowadays, I feel like a loser. Though i'm not denying the fact that I am one though

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Man, I'm supposed to be studying during this hols and yet what have I been doing for this past 2 days??*drum rolls* Yes, DotA. Crap, how am I supposed to ace my exams with playing DotA?? My gosh.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Midvalley with big group

Yesterday I went to Midvalley with my friends. We were supposed to reach KTM by 9am. And I'm supposed to be ready by 8.45 because my sister is sending me that time. And so I woke up at 7.45 and went down to brush my teeth. Then went up back and online la. About 8.15 I went to bath and after that I did something crazy which I should not do and then change and style up my hair which failed. And went down and go in the car. After that, reached KTM at about 8.55 and they say they can't recognise me...Really ah? LOL. Then went in train at about 9.20 and reach there at about 9.50. Went in toilet straight because Lai and Wayne needs to pee pee. Then went to cinema straight to buy the tickets. And we were so lucky to be able to get a friend to let us cut queue. We got the last row for all of us(Me, Kong, Lai and Wayne) and then got scolded by Lai. Great...-.-' Then went to arcade and shoot a few loops...I suck...hand still injured. Then the girls called me to pick their tickets up and paid me la. Play game half way have to stop because they are calling me><. Then went down to Teppanyaki at about 11.30 and only ordered drinks...what the... Finished drinking and went back to the cinema at about 12.20 and waited for the cinema to open only we buy our popcorns. After that went in the cinema and waited approximately about errr...20 minutes only the show starts. The show was real funny. This is not those typical comedy show where you will laugh from the start to the end. It has some 'awww' scenes and some love scenes and some competition scenes all mashed into a movie. Which is rather bizzare. After that went for our lunch at McD just to save money. LOL. After that went to play bowling with the girls and pwn-ed them. HAHAHAHA. The scores...no idea which is whose..got 9X,7X,6X,5X,4X and 3X and mine? 12X...wooots. Totally pwn-ed them. And after that went back Kajang and waited for all the girls to go back first only call mom. Then suddenly my sister also reach Kajang that time. Lol. What a coincidence. Came back home and paited my finger nails...LOL

Monday, August 23, 2010


On Saturday, I went to the Jusco at Taman Maluri approximately about 4 o'clock with motor. My dad sent me there of course. The journey took me bout 45 minutes la. So i reached bout 4.45. I went there to wait for my Godma to bring me go dinner with her and her 2 lovely and beautiful daughters. My eldest Godsis is having her convocation on that day, so we are having dinner together for her graduation and for my early birthday dinner. At first we could not decide on what to eat. There a lot of suggestions even when we are still in the car. In the end, we decided to go for Brussel's Beer Cafe babe! HAHAHAHA!!! Ok so cut the story short, we reached there at approximately, errrrr....7 o'clock. The food was served at about 7.15 pm...before that we took a few pics just to keep as a memory. For food, we called 2 plates of spaghetti, 1 plate of their roasted pork, 1 pot of mussels, 1 plate of garlic bread. For drinks, Godma ordered Earl Grey tea, Audrey jiejie ordered Hoehagen beer, Valerie jiejie ordered frozen margarita and me? I ordered orange juice><>

I woke up at bout 7.20 the next day and I straight went to take my shower. Came out bout 20 minutes later because I brushed my teeth also. Then went outside to sit awhile but I'm bored, so i went in back the room and found a rather interesting story book. So I read it la and went downstairs bout 5 minutes later. Then I had my breakfast with Godma at bout 10 minutes and after that we had a talk bout random things. More like Q&A sessions. Hahahaha...Then I used their laptop to go online for bout 45 minutes and then I off-ed it and went to disturb Valerie jiejie as she was having her breakfast that time. After that we went into the study room for her to 'study'. Ending up we played Scrabbles...and guess what...I can say I lost that game badly...no vowels...haiz. Then went down for lunch and talk again for a while. Then I helped Godma to set the hi-fi system she redeemed from the HSBC Bank with her credit card points. Luckily it functioned or not I will be embarrassed. Hahaha. Then went up back to start a new Scrabble game and went down not so long after for tea. Then Audrey jiejie reached back on time for tea. Hahaha. Coz she stayed in her grandpa's house because she got a class in the morning that day. After that we played mahjong. And I lost badly><. Then packed and went to the train station. The end...

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Ok...since I am so darn lifeless right now, I have decided to blog back. Haha. Tomorrow I have History paper...no freaking idea what chapter is coming out la. And I have no freaking mood to study at all right now coz I am missing her. Yes her. The Miss Friday. And yeah...I just freaking type ' Hey thanx for de ass' instead of ' Hey thanx for de add' Damn, Im seriously making alot of typos nowadays...haiz...save me somebody

Saturday, July 10, 2010


today..woke up prepared to go for de temple cleaning for my moral's tugas amal...suddenly dad don lemme go..so i guess i hav every single reason to fail my moral in spm now don i?? hahaha...den after dat go school..pass de stickers to be sold..den go walk wit dem...after den rush to church...lol...cant beliv i walked dat fast..reached edi...saw Constance...or however u spell her name..after dat start la de meeting..den John told me i hav to sit down wit greg and russ..talk bout de futsal comp...ish...susah la..den go mcd lo...so fun..alot of happy things le today...got to hold sumone's hand for so long^^..haha..den walk back home wit russ...and sleep straight..haha

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

St John Marie Vianney play

The play was on the 20th of June and it starts at 7pm. We, the whole casts, have to reach by 3.30. Reach dere do nth...haiz. den dey gimme make-up for one whole hour. Heck!!den go makan..den make up back...den change...den get ready on de stage...den start la...LOL...de pics down dere...not in de real position la...lazy arrange

I had a slight stroke
Selling sumthing to her
Same stuff
Hearing confession
Talking to my own self
My 'bodyguards'
Who's there???
Disturbance by the devil
De stage
Me on a 'pilgrimage'
Lecture from Father Balley
Confronting Father Balley
Lesson from Matthias
Rejected by my own dad
Support from mom
Crapping to kids
Talking to her
Teaching kids
Cracking jokes on stage
Playing dere
Crapping stuffs to de parishoners
Same thing
Pain u noe
Asking for de way
Vincent and me
Stephy and me
Daniel and me
De whole group

No idea who is dat
De younger version of me
Younger me
The end

I died

Voiceover and me
Fiona,me,vincent and helena

jealous eh??
Old me
Regina and Edel
Make up for 1 hour