I wish this thing between us will remain forever. Having random talks, laughs or even random tears while having each other.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Keeping it alive =)

Hey there my blog readers which I doubt of their existence, so am updating the blog here just to keep it going and alive. Thus, the title. Random, I know So, I have just done one presentation the other day. Not feeling so good about it. I could have done better, but I guess my nervousness took a better of me. Prepared that small joke in my mind, but forgot to use it to impress the examiners. Let's just hope the marks given are pretty good. Like maybe getting 17 out of 20 would be good. Ok, I know, that is too much to ask for. But come on, humans are greedy alright. Alright, got to run now. Not literally of course, too fat and unmotivated to go for long runs. Dinner is served!