I wish this thing between us will remain forever. Having random talks, laughs or even random tears while having each other.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy new year everybody. Its finally 2010 now. At last 2009 has ended which means a new story has been unfolded. A new adventure has begun and hopefully it will be more exciting den de previous ones. More new frens to meet and new subjects to study.

Rite here i wanna say sry to those dat i hav hurt and done sumthing wrong to u all. Do pls pls forgive. And to those dat hav hurt me, i forgive u. Hav a happy and blessed new year

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year Eve

Dang it...new year is like less den 23 hours more wei...and i still haven tink of sum nice new year resolution. Well i thought of a few la..such as
1.Don be so forgetful
2.Don be so emo
3.Be close to those who always throw party..so i can go...LOL

De third resolution rite...kinda dumb...coz, i always am not invited for parties la...so might as well start be close wit dem...lol...despo to not stay in house. I wanna go out.....pls invite me for parties la sumone

But nevertheless, i still learnt from dis year la.

Such as
1. Never ever get a gf??
2. How to lead my teammates to complete disaster
3. How to at least strum de guitar
4. How to communicate wit girls...lol
5. And last but not least....learnt bout myself more and more as each day passes by

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Today woke up at around 8.35 and prepared to go for altar boys practice jus to find ddat no one is dere....lol...den help de uncles to do de 4 wheel drive for de procession later in de nite. Den wen home like around 2 and received a sms str8. Its from Sara who jus came back from Sarawak and is goin back tomoro...she invited me to hangout wit her so i agreed la. den eat lunch super fast and bathed super fast also...den walked to metro point and found her at de secret recipe...ordered a blended cappucino or sumthing la...den wanted to pay wan..she go pay for me..damn paiseh...den wen bowling wit her, Rachael Lazaroo and Anushia. Its like 34.50 or sumthing la...den wanted to pay wan...but Rachael say no nid...after day i won wit 70 points...lol....den wen for snooker...took my own sweet time to end de game...took me like 20 minutes....while wasting like half of it...lol....den ate..actually more like looking at de food la...malu wan to eat...3 girls la...and me alone..wat do u expect...den wen for another round of snooker and i lost dis time..coz i took super long to end it..it seems like dey improved alot.....after dat wen home..prepare go church,,den procession..den wen bowling and lost all 3 games...lol

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry christmas

Merry Christmas everybody. I jus came home after de mass in church and supper. Haha. Today was super rushing wei. Simon came pick me up late. Den wen dere and rush to set de mics straight. Den finish de caroling edi straight rush dere and keep it since mass is rite after dat. Den wen up and sit la wit Greg. Saw Mr. Varna and Mrs. Varna and Mrs. Ryan and also Miss Hui Xin. Den saw Mdm Cecelia and also Prakash or sumthing la his name.. Kinda forgot wei. Den yada yada yada. Den finish edi wen for merry-christmas-wishing. Den wen to disturb de 'Varnas'. And wen home. LOL. actually, during de mass. got an sms from her and asked if i could call her later, but she said no. Coz she wasnt ready for me to call her. Haiz. Nvm. Shall try again. New year mayb. Den wen out saw sis, took a pic of me...which is like dis

stupid eh...lol. Den wen mamak wit family and sis accidentally took another pic of me...which is like dis

don ask wat was i doin...coz i don even noe wat i am doin dat time....

anyways...shall sign off for now k...

PMR results..

LOL..got my PMR result today la and its err...rather gud. Got straight a's. Err...feeling rather bad la for those who tried hard but din get de result dey ever wanted...so so sry yeah.

So today, i woke up and den prepared myself to go take de results la. Den my mom was more excited bout getting de result bout me la...lol. Den reached school at 9.45...wat de heck. Den waited like crazy till like almost an hour...den got de results edi...i was like..OMG...wats my result goin to be...sumbody save me...den...ta da..my turn came...and i was like..ok ok..chill...wen to write de name..den teacher is finding for my slip and ta da...teacher is smiling and says congrats...den i was wondering y...till..i got my results..den i looked at it and its like dis....bm a....bi a....maths a...science a...sej a...geo arghhh, skip it first, my worst sub...kh a...so dat makes it all 6 a's so far...den ta da...wen to geo and thank God i got an a for it...so lemme count back...err...7 a's...yay.....den i was like WAT DA HECK....u kidding rite??..how can i get 7 a's??? I din reli worked my ass of for dat result wei....mayb i am jus pure lucky....thanx for all de wishes again...and for those who din get de results dey wanted...don be sad k...try harder during SPM

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Im back

Oh yeah...dis feeling is so gud...i hav been missing for like few weeks la...and now at last i am back wit my brand new laptop. Cool eh?? If ur jealous wit it, sue me den. Haha. De reason i hav been missing for like few weeks is coz my old laptop(eldest sis's) spoilt coz of me...lol.

Anyways, i guess most of u all edi know dat de result is coming out on de 24th eh. So yeah, i am kinda excited bout it la. Wanna see how bad i did la actually. I noe i did badly, but hopefully i can get wat i expected la. Hehe

Monday, December 7, 2009

Compsquad Training

So today got dis training la for de compsquad in de morning. Basically i hav to go coz im de casualty which means dey will be treating me. So wen dere exact 8 and saw our L/C Lavendra and Private Choo and Aiman la. Den waited a while for all de other members to get here and we start by going for a jog around de field for 5 rounds. Don wanna mention bout de jog here..its pathetic. Haiz. Den start case. All ok la. Second training oni la. Wat u expect. Den wen dey wan put me on de stretcher time. Damn scary lo. Dey almost drop me wei...omg. Den dey wen for kawat. For no reason i hav to join and kawat wit dem...lol. Den after dat finish edi la. Den wen makan makan and wen back home la. Lol. Nex training is on Thrusday...everyone is invited to come and join...lol..jus joking

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Moon

Watched New Moon yesterday wit Russell, Greg, Celest, Charissa(Celest's sis), Alex(Celest's sis's bf), Clement(Celest's bro), Timorthy and Danial at Midvalley. De show starts at 2.40 la. So me and Russell decided to eat around 12 plus plus den go take train str8. Ended up i din eat coz no mood. Den we reached dere like around 1 la. After dat we felt hungry so wen for food hunting. LOL. Den wen to de cinema at 2.20 like dat la. Saw Timorthy and Danial den wen to talk wit dem la. Den Greg and his chick and others reached on time..dey reached at 2.35!!. Dey r super pro wei...dey shud get a time management class or sumthing la. Den wen to buy popcorns and drinks and wen in str8. Dey bought de tickets earlier and we got de very last row. Cool. Den movie started. All i can say is dat damn potong la dat movie. Half way through de movie. Suddenly de whole cinema light up back and den de video stopped. De person in front was like' wat de heck, im not goin to go out'...den suddenly ok edi la..den Taylor Lautner din kiss Kristen Stewart. Potong la wei...suddenly oni Edmard Cullen call. But all i can say is dat Taylor Lautner's body is hot...108 degree celcius...lol