I wish this thing between us will remain forever. Having random talks, laughs or even random tears while having each other.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hmm, yesterday is sum ghost festival thingy thing. whic i don reli noe of(any ideas?). So my fren asked me to help la...can get money also mah. Den wen dere(Bandar Tech) at around 6. reach dere oni see deir prayer and stuff. See alot new things at dere. Haha. Den wen work. De people at dere tot im bangladeshi..haiz. Jus coz im close wit dem doesnt mean im wit dem. Den dey ask me age...dey were practically surprised wen i told dem im 15. Am i dat huge???...Den all invite me to take beer. And i refused to take it...moreover i cant even take more den half a cup of red wine. Sux rite me. Den reach home around 11.30

During de period wen im working...i jus cant stop tinking of her. Miss her so much..wish she likes me too and noes dat i like her...kinda suffered alot nowadays...miss her but no chance to talk to her...T-T

Friday, August 28, 2009


Er..yesterday wen to school in morning, which i regretted alot....go dere listen to teacher talk crap...came late summore,nid me to waste my credit to call her. Swt-.-'...wen back home den forgot wat i did edi

In de nite, saw tan wai king..added me on msn. chat a while....den play wit him,kong,greg, and leong. At first owning la, after greg ciaoz edi. str8 lose.....damn. Den play another wit wai king 1v1. damn tired edi ddat time also ask me play...so not serious at all. he took sumone damn pro and i took sniper...which is too taufu...played quite serious first 3 minutes...den lazy play edi...cincai play...lol...serious also sure lose de

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today i wen bowling la wit simon and michael eba. Both elder den me. I woke up at 11 + str8 simon call me ask wan go or not. So i say ok lo. He say he pay for me at de bowling. So wen dere wit my empty wallet(ouch!!). Haha. Den i play for 2 rounds. Both of dem play for err.. 5 rounds i guess. Den suddenly a group of young & pretty gals(Woot)came. Dey jus sit dere oni la. Den suddenly i got spare coz of dem. Haha. Thanx. Den dey ciao lo. Become cha liaoT-T. Den i lost la. Second round suddenly another group of young gurls come in. Dis time got strike. LOL. Thanx mic for telling me bout dem. Kaka. But i still lose dat round. Haha. Coz both of dem too pro liao la. Dey play always k. Den wait for dem la, wan to go get deir num de, but don dare talk to dem. Den suddenly de gurl dat i wan de wen out a while. So i try to talk to her. But i guess its too noisy liao and i speak too soft dats y she din hear gua. Haha. Nvm la, din get also nvm de la. Nid to study for PMR. Haiz Btw, i saw meili de bro de ex/gf. Dat time ngam ngam wan bowl liao. After dat i keep on looking at her coz cant recognize her at first. Never see her wear like dat be4. Haha. Den she also look at me. Den she ciao. Haha

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Lol...yesterday damn lot of funny things happen la in my tuition. First was de board. it fell all of a sudden almost hit me wei.. luckily i mastered my matrix skill.. Now even de matrix guy's also hav to call me sifu wei. den wen wan go home time, we were standing under sum roof stuff la. Den all of a sudden sum bird pooped rite in front of me wei. Luckyli it din hit me. It hit xxx's bag. So sadT-T

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Morning life

Wow...I reli couldnt beliv dat i managed to wake up at 4 am today. So i studied a bit la. Coz i am too sleepy i wen to sleep at around 4.40. NO point waking up also

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Gosh...if i knew dis thing is goin to happen to me, i wouldnt hav wen to de St. John training yesterday. Dey made us duckwalk for quite a distance den frog jump back. Gosh, now thighs paining like shit wei.

Today wen to church also cant kneel properly and it kills me wen i wan to stand. Damn. Cant jump and run also rite nowT-T

Oh yeah, forgot to say dis...guys if i call u around 4am in de morning means pls don scold me...coz dat means i am super bored in de morning and nid ur help to make me awake coz I WAN to STUDY... LOL

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Dis week got lots of thing happened to me le.....Monday teacher told me dat i am in a new class...Darn, dat class like all nerd le...damn sien all study ni...Miss my old class alot..bb frens...

Skip skip skip....oh yeah. Sis bought a new phone C902...mom chose for her. wish i can get a new fon le....fon spoiling edi la...hav to wait until like....errr...sumwhere around december oni i can get a new fon...

And err...wat else...hmmm...errrr....wat ah.....oooo.... is de parath de bday bash....walao got wack-ed kao kao wei dat fella....wan run also cant run away from me...wakaka...guess my turn is near....few more weeks down de road and i am deadzzzz...wish dat sumone wil remember it and pls....no presents fro me k..don gimme any if u still anggap me as fren la

Oh yeah...exams in tuition sux la...damn easy but lots of careless mistakes...and tuition-mate keep on reminding me of her...it reli hurts me deep down inside wen dey mention her in front of me. I jus dunno y...mayb its coz she is my first so it influences me alot. Mayb...wish my dark days will be over soon and so dat i can be de cheerful me inside and outside...not jus faking my happiness

So long for now.....