I wish this thing between us will remain forever. Having random talks, laughs or even random tears while having each other.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dead Post

Dis post is so goin to die till de end of PMR. Coz i am so restisted from using de com till PMR. SO gud bye bloggie and gud bye my fellow fans. I shal try to return ASAP

Friday, June 12, 2009


My grandma jus passed away dis monday at 3.10am. I was like wat de.....ur lying? Den dunno y everyone was so sad, except for me and few other fella. I mean like i am not close at all wit her. So i reli cant be sad rite. Den de funeral prayer was done in my house, so dat means all my relatives will come here. Haha. It was fun meeting my cousins. Den dey say wan to stay awake wit me and take care of de candles. Coz we hav to make sure it is buring for 24/7. Den at de nite all my cousins ffk(fong fei kei). Dey say de nex day dey will take care wan. Still ffk again. Haiz. Nvm lo. So I took care of it for 3 nights. Haiz. Den de burial and de mass was yesterday. It was done by Rev. Fr. George Harrisson. Quite long. Haha. Dats all i guess

Saturday, June 6, 2009

random post-.-'

1)Name - Victor Lee Yun Soon
2) Male/Female - Male...duhh
3) Were you named after anyone? - Got...alot. I noe victor Valdes la
4) Does your name mean anything? - It means winner=p
5) Nick Name(s) - Vick, Vickito, Cow
6) What do you think you look like name wise? - No comment
7) Date Of Birth - 9th Sept
8) Place of Birth and Current Location - Malaysia
9) Nationality - Malaysian
10) Astrology Sign - Virgo the Virgin
11) Chinese Astrology Sign - Doggy
12) Religion - C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N
13) What’s your favorite smell - Smell of victory
14) Political Position - Minister of Winners
15) What do you prefer to drink in the morning? - Plain water
16) Hair + Eye colour? - Hair= brownish black, Eye= Black
17) Do you look like anyone famous? - Unfortunately no
18) What do you look like? - Look like a winner
19) Any unusual talents? - I dunno.
20) Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous? - I could use both hands. So i guess ambidextrous
21) Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other? - Straight..duhh
22) What do you do for a living? - Studying
23) What do you do for fun? - Chatting, sleeping. basketball, dota, football, and EATING
24) What are your favorite art materials to work with? - Dunno....pencil i guess
25) What kind of materials would you like to work with? - NO comment
26) Have you met your grandparents? - only 3
27) Boyfriend /Girlfriend? - Got...but cant tell
28) Crush? - NO more
29) What celebrity would you date if you could? - Errr, dats a tough one....cant decide on it
30) Current worries? - PMR!!!!
31) Favorite online Guy/Girl: Both my godsis, Kong, Charmaine, Fanny, Greg, Kong, Lai, Celest
32) Favorite place to be? - OUt of my house and school
33) Least favorite place to be? - House and school
34) Do you burn or tan? - Tan
35) Ever break a bone? - Once...but no big deal
36) What is your favorite cereal? - Don take it
37) Person you cry with - Myself
38) Any sisters - 2
39) Any brothers - 1
40) Any pets - nope
41) Any illness - Is sweaty palms counted as illness?
42) A Pager - Nope
43) A Personal phone line - No , 2 'rich' for it
44) A cell phone - Yea
45) A visible birthmark - Yup, its on my left hand
46) A Pool or hot tub - Don own any
47) A Car - Not mine

Describe Your :

48) Personality - Lazy
49) Driving -No licence yet
50) Your clothing style - Anything i feel comfortable in it
51) Room - Orange
52) What’s missing - My GF by my side
53) School - Sux
54) Bed - Single bed
55) Relationship with your parents? - Ok ok
56) Believe in yourself - Duhh...
57) Do you believe in love at first sight? - Yea
58) Consider yourself a good listener - ok gua
59) Have a future dream that you would like to share? - Nope
60) Get Along with your parents - Depends
61) Save your e-mail conversations - Nope
62) Pray - Everyday and night
63) Believe in reincarnation - Nope
64) Brush your teeth twice a day? -like duhh
65) Like to talk on the phone? - Ok la
66) Like to eat? - Duhh...i live to eat
67) Like to exercise? - Ok la
68) Like to watch sports? - Nope...
69) Sing in the car? - Nope
70) What is a dream that you have all the time? - Errr, dunno la
71) Dream in color? - Wat de???
72) Do you have nightmares? - Seldom
73) Sleep with a stuffed animal - Never
74) Next to you - Cupboard
75) On your favorite coffee cup - Don own any
76) On your mouse pad - Mouse..duhh
77) Your favorite flavor of gum? - Strawberry or mint
78) Favorite deodorant? - Anything dat smells nice
79) Your dream honeymoon spot - My room
80) Your dream husband/wife - No one yet
81) Hiding in your closet? - Never
82) Under your bed - Once
83) The name of one of your best friends? - Hmmm, who should i name?? Gregory i guess
84) Your bad time of the day - No idea
85) Your worst fear(s) - To be alone
86) What’s the weather like - Nice la
87) Your favorite time of year? - Holidays
88) Your favorite holiday? - Chinese New Year and Christmas
89) A material weakness? - Wat de???
90) The weirdest food or drink that you like: -Don hav any at de moment
91) At the top of your “to-do list”? - Get 7A in PMR
92) The hardest thing about growing up - Studies
93) A pet peeve? -No idea
94) Your scariest moment - Wen i was alone eventhoug i nid sumbody to be wit me and i noe dat it is impossible
95) Your attitude about love? - It's nice and fun wen u experience it
96) The most outrageous, desperate thing you’ve done to attract the attention of the opposite sex? - Never did anything like dat be4
97) The worst feeling in the world - Lonely, betrayed, no one to luv
98) The best feeling in the world - I can sleep everyday and nite and eat every day and nite witout working or worrying anything
99) Who sent this to you? - Daniel Kong
100)Tag more people?

Ermm, I would like to tag:
1. Greg
5.Whoever wans to do it


PMR is like 4 more months to go, but i still don hav any mood to read de freaking book la. Don noe y. And my dad is prohibiting me from using de com after de school holiday. Haiz. Looks like after my exams, i am forced to read de freaking books. Gosh... help me sumone. Hope dat sum kind of thing will happen to me till i can control de time or i will be super genius or sumthing la. Hope PMR will finish fast. Cant wait to learn to play guitar. Haha