I wish this thing between us will remain forever. Having random talks, laughs or even random tears while having each other.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Well, i accidentally like make sumone mad at me wit my big fat mouth again. Gosh. I mean like u can be mad at me but,pls at least tell me y. Im so sry again. I will try to be an angel wen i talk to u again..i promise

Monday, October 19, 2009


Gosh..i jus cant stop missing her since i come back from de camp. During de camp, we are so close yet so far away. I wish i could hold u in my arms dat time, but i noe it is a dream dat won come true. Too bad for me, all i can do now is to watch u from far and jus pray dat u may one day feel my existence.

Anyways...wats up wit lala's man. Do dey exist, i mean like i cant even differentiate dem wit de normal human la. no difference la dey all.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Superb camp

I jus come back from dis Youth Leadership camp organised by my church dis Friday. It was held at Dominique Villas, Genting.

1st day
Wen church around 4.50 pm and den saw Natasha(de leng lui) and Shaun Lim(de leng zai) but dey are not couples la. Haha. Den greg arrived la. After dat waited like till 5.30 oni de bus arrived. Den wait for Juan for like 10 minutes oni de bus starts to move. Haha. So basically we were trapped in de jam and we wasted like 3 hours++ on de bus. Reached dere oni str8 eat den wen for our first session and de second ones. It was reli funny wei. De speaker's name is Alvin. He like play wit us always and jokes and always tell us his experience la. Which i found it quite nice and interesting. Btw i saw Brandon, he is dis guy whom i started to noe of las year in a camp conducted by him. Den wen to sleep like around 1++. Was chatting wit Greg and Shaun.

2nd day
We woke up at 6.30 coz wan to bathe and prepare for de breakfast at 7.30. After taking breakfast, had sum prayer den sum songs. Den we play de first game(Simon says)its quite different from other Simon says. Since it is conducted by Brandon, we noe all his tricks. In de end both of us won de game la. Den de talk, den tea. After dat sum talk again. Den lunch. Den sum game again. Its real funny. We had a gud time laughing at dere though. After dat we had dis group project things. So was taking advantage of Natasha(neighbours). Ask her write. After dat dey prepare us for our night activities. Den we rush up and change, sum bathe. Den i rush down and hav to do de AV systems. Im de oni guy dere who noes how to do. Den got de mass. Celebrated by Father George. After dat was dinner. Den we wen back room to chill first. I took out my shirt since it is reli hot. Wen to de balcony and saw Natasha downstairs. She was like" Victor, u not cold ah??" Its freaking hot dat time. Den she saw me topless(Not her first time though). Den sum dumb guy came out and disturb her so i ask her to go in back in Mandarin(for her safety). Den wen down. We hav sum prayer and sum songs. Den de hav dis inner healing session(sum sort of prayer over where we let de God come into us and heals us). I first tried dis las year. Was conducted by Brandon. Dey did it dis time wit de tongue language(sum language u speak out but u dunno wat it means aka Godly language(not everyone can get it)). If anyone falls down, it means dey are resting in de presence of de Holy Spirit. So my first time was real suckish. NO feel. But dis year, I broke down in tears. I was goin to fall but i resisted. And my face was real red, sumthing like wen we put our face near de fire like dat la. Damn nice lo de feeling. Den had cum chit chat wit Brandon till like 2+

3rd day
Woke up like 6.30 again. Feel damn lazy. Den wen bathe and breakfast as usual. After dat dey did sum prayer over again la. And dis time i dropped wei(was saying i sure won drop earlier). Den after dat had sum sharings. Den lunch. Den one more talk den ciao back home lo. Reached Kajang like 5++. Den now missing de camp like crazy

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hang out

So today i wen school, play basketball. den ciao back home. After dat wen McD wit greg and de gang and his beautiful and lovely chick. Den makan edi go play bowling. Saw dem do deir things den feel kinda jealous coz i got no gf. Haha, play de bowling also cant play well. Finger hurt. Den wen walk around. Den wen ayza yam cha. After dat wen back home. On de way home saw a beautiful rainbow...haha. Haiz, wish i could get a gf

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We had BM1&2 on de first day of PMR. Well basically its real hard for me since it is one of my weakest subject. I almost cry in de exam hall though coz it is real freaking hard for me...

On de second day, we had BI 1&1, Science 1&2. Well, basically de English paper is super easy for me coz it is my best subject though.Haha. But de Science is real hard la. De paper 1, deir drawing dunno like wat wei. Den de paper 2, de questions not from textbook at all. Wat de heck

Third day, We had Geo and Geo alone. So its easy for me. Mayb coz it is reli easy, dats y. Haha.

Fourth day, OMG. We had Maths 1&2 and also de History paper. Well Maths was kinda easy for me. Me, Kong, Lai, Boey, Tong, Er, And Meow wen out early after paper 2 for our lunch. Coz we all over-confidence edi. Den its history time. Seriously la. I see no future in studying history at all. It does not have any promising future in it. So wit dat type of mind, it made de history paper hard for me. Haha

Las day, we had de KH(Perdagangan). Me, Kong, Lai and Joshua came out early again to go to de Midvalley coz we r overconfidence again. Wen to KFC to wait for Josh;s mom fetch us. Suddenly i realised my fon was wit one of de invigilator. So me and Lai rushed to de school Meanwhile Kong and Josh wen to midvalley first to get de tickets. It took us 45 minutes of journey to travel from KTM to de school and back to KTM. Coz Lai was trying to delay de time for him to actually meet de JB group for an unknown reason. Reached Midvalley. Found both of dem and de JB group. Dey wen in de cinema and de 4 of us wen to makan at de McD's. We also saw de convent groups. After dat its our time to go in de cinema. We watched surrogates. Its real nice. I recommend those of u out dere who haven watch it to watch it. Haha. After watching movie, we wen for a stroll and a game at de arcade. After dat we sit for awhile and Lai wen back edi. After dat around 5 like dat we start to get our ass to de KTM station. To our surprise, de first train was real pack, so we waited. Den suddenly dey say got train spoil or dunno wat at Rawang dere so will dela. # of us agreed to rush in wen de nex come. BUt it was so full dat u might faint in dere. So we waited for de nex one. But de nex one din come at all. So we took a taxi. As de dude dat can speak in de mos language dere, i asked de taxi driver and he say around 30 bucks so we agreed. Den wen we reach de Cheras toll edi, Kong's mom called him and ask him to stop at de Esso near de KPJ Hospital coz she jus oni come out from de ward due to a dengue fever. Den after dat, Kong;s dad sent us all home. And oh, de taxi fare was 28 ringgit. And also i took Lai's bad home since he forgot all about his bag. Obviously we din take any pics coz we r jus way too lazy for it. Haha. So long for now^^

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The I Do's

Dear frens...today u are invited to witness all my 'i do's'....so here are de questions witout

1. Do u feel happy after Pmr?I do
2. Do u feel like slim down? I do
3. Do u feel like sleeping? I do
4. Do u feel like dieing? I do

Dats all....got bored


Well today marks de day wen im actually free back...haha coz my 5 miserable days of PMR has finally ended.

Well basically me,lai and joshua wen to Midvalley after our KH paper today...first we wen to Kfc wait for johs's mom fetch us go his house to change den oni we go KTM.... reach dere wen MIdvalley duhh..den bought de tickets for surrogates...was kinda wishing to see more peoples dere la but it wasnt as much as i expected though...

After dat wen arcade awhile...den ciao la...waited for de train for like near an hour and still we cant go in...so took taxi instead

ok now im goin to type merdeka 7 times...u all can join in though to symbolise our freedom..